Khalifa Al Hawas

Partner & Director

Mr. Khalifa Al Hawas graduated from Tulsa University, USA with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering in 1969. He started his career with Saudi Aramco Company as a Petroleum Drilling Engineer.

From 1969 to 1974, he worked as a Drilling Engineer involved in developing oil wells in several Aramco Southern Area fields such as Abqaiq, AinDar, Haradh and Hawiyah. In 1975 he shifted to Production & Reservoir Engineering to continue pursuing his development program to become a Professional Petroleum Engineer. During this transition, he spearheaded the development and enhancement of the Oil Reservoirs productivity, applying the latest and modern practices, thus furthering its capacity and its maximum production capability, which is the main objective of any successful Petroleum Engineer.

After accomplishing the full dedicated Professional Petroleum Engineer in 1989, Mr. Hawas decided to go to a more challenging area which was the Oil Producing Facilities. His desire was accomplished and was assigned to several Aramco Northern Area producing facilities such as Zuluf, Marjan and Safaniyah until his early retirement from Aramco in 1998.

In January 2000, Mr. Hawas joined AME as a Project Manager and in January 2001, AME merged with CDE and established AMCDE. Mr. Hawas continued to play a big role as a project manager in AMCDE, until the creation of the newly named AHCEC where he became a Director and Partner in the Company.

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