About US

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie • Industrialist

The Founders and Partners

AHCEC is owned by two prominent Saudi Arabian Engineers, Azmi Abdulhadi and Abdullah Al Moaibed, whose personal knowledge, drive and experience have enriched the company and enhanced its fast progress.

Our History

1965 (CDE)
Consulting and Design Engineering was established in 1965 as an independent Saudi Company in Dammam by Mr. Azmi Abdulhadi. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry granted CDE License No. 13 for Engineering Consultancy work and License No. 5 for Surveying. Since its inception, CDE was organized to provide special integral services in the field of engineering. In 1971, the Company’s technical services were extended to the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO, now known as Saudi ARAMCO) and it was the first Saudi Engineering firm approved under the General Engineering Services (GES) Contract.
1982 (AME)
Abdullah Al Moaibed Engineering was incorporated on May 31, 1982 under License No. 482 as an independent Company of consultants, AME and its predecessor, Arabian Business Management Services (ABMS) have been operating in the Kingdom since 1973. AME held an Aramco General Engineering Services Contract from the date of its incorporation until 1988 and another contract until the present time.
2001 (AMCDE)
Azmi Abdulhadi & Abdullah Al Moaibed Consulting Engineering Company is a Saudi Arabian Company, established by the merger of CDE and AME. With a combined total of more than seventy years of experience. AMCDE can provide a full range of engineering services including conceptual design, FEED, detailed design and project management. AMCDE have a multi-national team working in compliance with an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System to provide high quality, cost effective engineering solutions throughout the Gulf Region. AMCDE Spun off its Industrial Engineering unit serving the Hydrocarbon sector to be the nucleus of a partnership with KBR, creating a new entity under the name KBR-AMCDE. This entity will serve the Hydrocarbon sector in KSA, providing engineering and project management services to major clients such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC and others.
2008 (AMCL)
Azmi Abdullatif AbdulHadi & Abdullah Mohanna Al-Moaibed Co. Ltd. was created to leverage the knowledge and experience the owners have amassed over four decades in serving the market in the engineering services arena and diversify their portfolio of services and investments. The vision is to serve the local market by entering into partnerships & joint ventures (JVs) with other local, and international companies that are not only experienced in their appropriate fields, but are also reputable by the quality of their services.
2012 (KBR - AMCDE)
In Dec. 2011 The Saudi-based 'Azmi AbdulHadi & Abdullah AlMoaibed Consulting Engineering Co.' (AMCDE) Oil, Gas & Petrochemical units were spun-off to create a new professional engineering company with Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) and established a new company (KBR-AMCDE) in response to Saudi Aramco's GES+ initiative, providing multi discipline engineering services including conceptual design, detailed design, and project management in a fashion that meets Saudi Aramco's high quality requirements and procedures. The new entity has been established with a vision to expand its services to cover all the Saudi Hydrocarbon sector then to expand to other sectors within Saudi Arabia and beyond as opportunities arise in the region and as capacity is built.
2012 (AHCEC)
AHCEC was born with all non-industrial divisions of AMCDE under a new name to meet various regulatory and business requirements. AHCEC maintains all internal structures and policies of its predecessor keeping the same level of quality and performance expected by the original founders

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